How to Build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon at Your Home

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a terraced garden with splendid plants and beautiful fountains, symbolizes love and shows how strong the love of Nebuchadnezzar II (the king of Babylon) to his wife, Amytis. It’s unique and attractive with flourishing flowers and lush plants on desert place. A desert place? It seems impossible to grow plants on that kind of area. We need a great supply of water to make an oasis through desert. How can it be?

This man-made oasis can be built with certain technique which nowadays we commonly call it as hydroponic system. Through this technique, the beauty of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is possible to discover at home. The good news is you don’t have to be as rich as king Nebuchadnezzar II to build such miniature of the hanging gardens Babylon. It just needs your creative idea and patience in the process.

What to do to have your own gardening home?

1. Make estimation how large your garden will be. If you prefer small garden, then it’s your choice. No matter of the size, the point is the garden will beautify your home.
2. Prepare a Styrofoam and cut it one inch less than the width and the length of container
3. Make approximately two or three holes to hold the plastic cups and make sure the bottom of cup at one half inch longer than the Styrofoam
4. Poke holes into the underneath of the cups to support growth of the roots
5. Add growing media into the cups until three quarters full.
6. Fill container with water
7. Put Styrofoam with the cups into container and it will be floating on water
8. The seeds on the cups are ready to grow

We need time to grow plants, when they are going to blossom or bear fruit. Their beauty and attraction will radiance into home. An eye-catching design of garden can be enhanced into advanced step by asking professional advice. You may need it when you think that it is time for you to follow the footsteps of king Nebuchadnezzar II in Babylon.